Adventures in the Peacewood

A magical wizard artist, a flying red dolphin and a happy boy called Max

The Shadow of Doubt

Max was a young boy of eight years old. He spent his days as most young children his age do, playing in the park and pretending to be on magical adventures with his friends. However, on one special morning, he awoke to find that it was raining and he could not play with his friends. This didn’t upset Max though, because on days like this, he could do his favorite indoor activity, drawing. Max loved to draw and was quite good at it. He would draw dinosaurs and other worlds with fantasy creatures and get lost in imagining the adventures they would have. With the rain pouring down, he set up his drawing board and began thinking of what he wanted to create. After a few moments, his imagination sparked and he began drawing. Only this time, he didn’t draw dinosaurs, or monsters from other worlds. This time, something compelled him to draw a wizard. Not a tall, gray-bearded one with a magical staff, but a jolly, friendly one. The wizard was bald, with a big red beard and green cloak. He imagined the wizard to be his friend, a companion that could take him on adventures in a world where anything is possible. Max looked outside to see the rain pounding against his window and thought of his friends.

“I wish it wasn’t raining!” Max said to himself. He turned to his drawing and in a wishful tone, said, “I bet you can make the rain stop!” Suddenly, to Max’s shock and disbelief, the wizard sprang to life and spoke to him.
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