Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Updated July 20th, 2018

Terms & Conditions

Purpose & Extent

  1. The follow agreements below, have for purpose to secure a professional cooperation between you, the client, and CreativeWebWiz.


  1. By CreativeWebWiz, FREDSKOV MEDIER or the company, this is understood in all usages as:
    Att: Martin Fredskov
    Tømmerupvej 27
    4400 Kalundborg
    CVR 35132643
  2. By the client, it is understood in all usages as a part interacting in an agreement with the company.


  1. CreativeWebWiz treats all jobs with full confidentiality, and does not post images without written permission from you, the client.

Ordering through the shop


  1. At the time of order placement, CreativeWebWiz reserve payment for your order. The payment is withdrawn as order is sent out.


  1. Shipping is free within Denmark. An addiotional shipping cost may occur to shipping adresses outside of Denmark.
  2. It is expected for products to be delivered within 14 work days, from order placement (and accept by CreativeWebWiz).


  1. The artwork and products are not to be replicated, copied or sold commercially without written permission.

Return rights

  1. You, the client, have 14 days from receiving the order, to make a claim to return the order for a full refund. The refund does not cover the cost of return shipping.
  2. A refund is only available when delivered back, in same quality as shipped out.


  1. Products are covered by 2 year warranty.
  2. The warranty covers a full refund (incl. return shipping), to you, the client for products damaged by shipping or otherwise defect on arrival. To submit a claim, you’re required to supply pictures of the product with the defect as soon as you find out.

Custom commissions


  1. An invoice is sent out to you, the client, after a written agreement shortly before the end of the job. The claim is due 8 days after invoice has been sent out.
  2. At the payment, you’re asked to mention the invoice number.
  3. The full amount due, is to be paid to:
    Sparekassen Sjælland
    Reg. no.: 0524 Acc. no.: 0000231182
    SWIFT no.: SWESDK22 IBAN no.: DK6105240000231182
  4. For payments after due date, interests of 0.70% and a late fee at DKK 100.00 is added. A corresponding fee is added to following payment reminders.
  5. At all jobs a claim for a part-payment can occur before work starts. The part-payment is unless agreed upon, NOT, a deposit and is therefore not redundable. The part-payment before work starts, cover working hours spent no matter if the client chooses to use the fruit of the labour.

Delivery Time

  1. The standard delivery time for our service, is normally 4 weeks from your accept of our offer. This delivery time is valid, unless another agreement has been acceptet in the terms agreed upon by both parts.
  2. An express fee for claims to faster delivery, can occur. The amount due depends on further agreement, and will have to be paid on same terms as the rest of the invoice.

Delivery of assets

  1. Delivery happens when all due payment has been paid in full.
  2. If a job require delivery of digital or physical assets as a final product, the job is perceived as finished as soon as the assets has been sent from the company, and you, the client, have received these.
  3. The assets are perceived as delivered if you, the client, have not put a claim for missing delivery within a month of agreed upon delivery time.

Usage of assets

  1. After everything has been paid in full, all agreed upon rights to the digital assets and the illustration are handed over to you, the client.
  2. FREDSKOV MEDIER keeps the right to use the assets internally within the company.
  3. If delivery, exceptionally, happens before the invoice has been paid in full, FREDSKOV MEDIER keeps the full ownership of the assets. The assets may not be used by the client, before invoice has been paid in full. Should the client choose to use the assets anyway, it is perceived as a violation to the companys rights and this can seek compensation for broken immaterial rights.

Backup of digital assets

  1. Unless anything else is agreed upon, all digital assets are stored online on an encrypted server through a trusted 3rd party. As client you can request access, but will be required to have an account at a 3rd party. Digital assets will be stored for at least 2 years from the date, the job is percieved finished.

Return rights

  1. By agreement, no return rights is offered to you, the client, for custom commisions.

Information on disputes, and ways to file a complaint for private customers

  1. Should you, the client, not be satisfied with the work done, it is suggested that you contact our customer service to find a solution to the dispute. A written complaint can be submitted to email mailbox@wizard.house or in a physical letter to the before written adresse.
  2. A dispute over a product or service bought at us, can be submitted to Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning), Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can file a complaint to Center for Klageløsning via www.forbrug.dk.
  3. The EU-commessions online dispute portal can be used for submitting a dispute. It is especially relevant, if you’re a consumer living in another EU-country. Dusputes are submitted here – http://ec.europa.eu/odr. At submission of a dispute, you will need to supply our email mailbox@wizard.house


  1. Disputes the parts can not solve by themselves, must be resolved before a Danish court referred relevant rules of procedural law.
  2. Contact information and adress on the company is always found at www.fredskov.com.

Privacy Policy

We got cookies!

Personal information

Personal information is all data and information, that in some way can lead back to you. When you visit our website, we gather and process an array of such informations. Your public IP-adresse is gathered upon visit, any other personal data is gathered as they’re required (for example: signing up to our newsletter or buying a product).

Typically we gather and process the following data: A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or hand-held device, your public IP-adresse, geographic location and which pages you visit on our site (Interests). We also gather, in the amount you explicitly give consent and you type in, the following: Name, phone number, email and adresse. Typically this will be used for an invoice, when buying a product or service through CreativeWebWiz.


We have made technical and organisational preventions towards, that your personal information accidentally or illegally be deleted, lost, published or is to be known by unathorized personel, abused or any other ways that goes against the law.


The personal information is used to register your purchases, and to be able to deliver the services, you’ve requested, for example to send out a newsletter. In addition to optimize our services and content, to improve your experience.

Storage duration

The personal information is stored in the duration it is allowed by law, and we delete it, when they’re no longer needed. The duration depends on the datatype and background for storage. Therefore it is not possible to set a general timeframe, for when each datapoint is deleted.

Personal information used for invoices is stored a minimum of 5 years, as per required by danish law.

Disclosure of personal information

Data about your usage of the website, which ads, you receieve or might click on, geographical location, gender and agesegment and more in the amount it is known. You can see a list of 3rd parties, mentioned in the ‘We got Cookies!’-section above.

Data processing

In addition we use an array of 3rd parties for storage and processing of data. These 3rd parties only process on our behalf and may not use data for own purposes.
Disclosure of personal information like name and email and so on, will be able to happen, when and if you give consent. We only use data processors within EU or countries, that can give your personal information a sufficient protection.

Insights and disputes

You have the rights to insights, about what personal information, that we process about you. In addition you can, at any given time, object towards the usage of the personal data. You can withdraw consent about your data being processed. You have the right to have your personal information corrected, or deleted. Inquiries regarding this, can happen to: mailbox@wizard.house.

If you want to file a dispute about our processing of your personal information, you’re able to do so by contacting Datatilsynet (Danish Data Protection Agency).